Mind Body Rejuvenation

Mind Body rejuvenation is a set of techniques and procedures that are based on Ayurveda, the science of Longevity. Ayurveda recognizes the individual uniqueness and the program for mind-body rejuvenation tailors its programs to an individual and his/her environment. Ayurveda's outstanding attribute is the recognition of the uniqueness of each individual, thereby allowing treatment to be tailored to each individual and their environment. Ayurveda describes individuality through 3 doshas, or constitutional qualities: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. Every person has a pre-set balance of these qualities. When the doshas are balanced within an individual, health is the result. When they are imbalanced, the disease is the eventual outcome. In general, Ayurveda seeks to restore health by restoring balance.

The program leads to cellular detoxification and thus removes toxins from the physical and emotional bodies. These toxins are the cause of imbalances in our mind-body leading to disease manifestation. In Ayurveda, we call these procedures as Panchakarma.

Benefits of Mind-Body Rejuvenation (Panchakarma):

  • Eliminate toxins and toxic conditions from your body and mind

  • Restore your constitutional balance improving health and wellness

  • Strengthen your immune system and become more resistant to illness

  • Reverse the negative effects of stress on your body and mind, thereby slowing the aging process

  • Enhance your self-reliance, strength, energy, vitality and mental clarity

  • Bring about deep relaxation and sense of well-being

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4 Day Program
8 Day Program Dates

8 Day Program


4 Day Program


2018 Dates:


March 18 - March 25, 2018

March 18 - March 22, 2018

March 21 - March 25, 2018

**May 13 - May 20, 2018  



June 24 - July 1, 2018


September 2 - September 9, 2018


November 4 - November 11, 2018


December 2 - December 9, 2018


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May 13 - May 17, 2018

May 16 - May 20, 2018

June 24 - June 28, 2018

June 27 - July 1, 2018

September 2 - September 6, 2018

September 5 - September 9, 2018

November 4 - November 8, 2018

November 7 - November 11, 2018

December 2 - December 6, 2018 

December 5 - December 9, 2018

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*This includes:

  • Luxury Accommodations

  • All herbs for home preparation, all therapies prescribed by Dr. Jain and organic, fresh, vegetarian food during the detox.

  • Initial intake consult. Daily consults during the program, Discharge consult, Follow-up consults in 3 months

Unique features of Our Program:

Our program is a three-week comprehensive program where the first week is preparation at home that is monitored By Dr. Jain.
Our Pricing includes all herbs for home preparation, all therapies prescribed by Dr. Jain and organic, fresh, vegetarian food during the detox.

In addition, we offer:

  • Private luxurious accommodations with private bathroom and jacuzzi with sitting area

  • Complete privacy

  • Individualized traditional Panchakarma detoxification.

  • Integrated yoga, pranayama, meditation, and yoga Nidra practice conducted by 500 hours credited yoga teacher and yoga Nidra facilitator (Michele Jain)

  • Supervised by an M.D. (Integrative Medicine and Ayurveda physician, Dr. Vijay Jain).

  • Daily one-hour consultation with Dr. Jain.

  • Evening lectures by Dr. Jain

  • Plenty of relaxation time (swimming in pool, kayaks, walks on the beach). Serene surroundings and location across from the beach.

  • Private instruction on meditation and other stress reduction techniques.

  • Individualized Cooking classes.

  • Specialized care of chronic lifestyle diseases like Rheumatoid arthritis, Diabetes, heart disease, inflammatory bowel disease, digestive issues including IBS, migraine and skin diseases to name a few.

  • 3 month follow up by Dr. Jain

Therapies include:

  • Tandem Ayurvedic massage is done by two therapists

  • Steam Therapy

  • Specialized massages like Pinda Swed using rice Poultices and oil, milk etc.

  • Shirodhara – Gentle pouring of warm oil over the forehead to awaken the senses and create a state of deep relaxation.

  • Specialized local treatments like Kati Basti for Low Back, Janu Basti for Knees and Greeva Basti for the neck.

  • Detoxification procedures like Controlled diarrhea (Virechna), medicated enema (Basti).

  • Yoga, Meditation, Integrative Relaxation (Yoga Nidra) daily.

please arrive at our center after 4:00 Pm on the first day and schedule your return flight after 4:00 PM on the last day of the program. 


Cancellation Policy:

A $1000.00 deposit is due at time of registration. Cancellation policy; If canceled 30 days before the program, $500 will be kept for processing fees and the balance of the deposit will be credited towards a future program. If canceled between 21-30 days $ 500 will be kept for processing fees and the balance of the deposit will be credited towards a future program. If canceled less than 21 days, the entire deposit will be kept. Upon arrival, the balance is due and is non-refundable.

If for any reason due to circumstances beyond the control of Mind-Body Wellness Center, (MBWC) i.e. Hurricane, Tornado, the entire program is canceled by MBWC, your entire deposit will be credited towards a future program.

If the program is cut short due to circumstances beyond our control, program rate will be prorated based upon the number of program days attended and a credit will be applied towards your account for the remaining days to be used towards a future program